When you give to the Genesis Foundation, your support will help empower the growth of God’s Kingdom in Australia and beyond.

Thank you for your generous help to ensure more churches and Christian organisations receive the financial support they need to impact our world for Christ.

If you wish to contribute financially, please download the Genesis Donation Form.


What happens to the donations I give?
The donations you give are invested while the projects are investigated. The Foundation is conservatively invested with a balance of defensive and growth investments. The distribution policy is on a needs basis and not restricted to the annual net earnings of the fund – in recent times, the distributions have exceeded the net income of the foundations.

Further information for donors
The Genesis Charitable Foundation tends to support youth and Christian media projects (which must be tax-deductible recipients) and the Genesis Life Foundation supports a wider range of projects (not necessarily tax deductible).

You may confirm our current tax deductibility by visiting the Australian Taxation Office website and looking under ABN lookup, advanced search and search for “Genesis Charitable Foundation Trust”.

Please note that gifts to the Genesis Charitable Foundation are tax deductible, while gifts to the Genesis Life Foundation are not tax deductible.


Download your Genesis Donation Form.