Developing Funds for Ongoing Christian Work

The Genesis Foundation provides seed capital and strategic support to Christian ministries.

We seek to help Christian organisations with strategic planning and seed capital in order to multiply their work and implement projects that become self funding, so that they have the greatest impact for Christ’s Kingdom.

We no longer provide grants directly to churches (including both planting or growth initiatives).

We are reviewing our strategy to narrow the focus of our giving, which will reduce the number of grants that we issue. We expect to finalise our review in May 2023. Our next window for Submissions will be in September/October 2023.

Submission Overview

Preliminary Enquiry Forms for ministry grants are considered once a year.

The Genesis Foundation considers grant applications in a two-stage process: a short “Preliminary Enquiry”, and if invited, a comprehensive “Grant Submission”.

  1. Complete the online short Preliminary Enquiry Form and submit during the Preliminary Enquiry window (see current submission dates below).
  2. If successful, you will then be invited to proceed to the comprehensive Grant Submission stage.

Current Submission Dates

A Preliminary Enquiry Form may be submitted during the period from Monday 18 September 2023 ended noon Wednesday 27 September 2023.  

Those invited to complete a Grant Submission will need to lodge the Grant Submission by noon Wednesday 11 October 2023. Summary below:

Due Noon Monday All Ministries
Preliminary Enquiry Form 27 September 2023
Grant Submission 11 October 2023

The Genesis Board will consider Grant Submissions on 26 October  2023.

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