Our Impact

Discover how support from the Genesis Foundation has helped hundreds of organisations and churches launch, grow and flourish.






Scripture and religious instruction in schools has received numerous grants to improve the structure (under a multi faith group) and operations with the various Departments of Education. ChristianSRE in NSW was supported by Genesis with a grant to ICCORIES to establish and promote a new SRE structure and to grow the work of Scripture in public schools. This structure and learnings was broadly followed in Queensland and envisioned in Victoria, with Genesis support of the formation of Christian Religious Instruction Alliance Queensland (CRIAQ) and Faith Life Values Victoria.

Other initiatives with youth supported by Genesis
  • YFCA received a matching grant to assist young evangelists in their internship and for seed funding as a new YFC missionary.
  • CRU (Crusaders) have established a local day camps ministry based on a pilot funded by Genesis. CRU also received a grant to establish Western Australia. The CRU leadership trust received a matching grant to establish a capital fund for developing future leaders.
  • Quizworx received a grant for the online Christmas video and a match for their fund raising.
  • Baptists NSW received a grant to update “Godspace” a popular tool used by SRE/RI teachers and approved by the Departments of Education for use in schools.


Funding was provided to City Bible Forum – Third Space to establish a training centre for evangelists which will provide training, resources and importantly inspiration and encouragement to churches and individual evangelists.

Missions have been run throughout regional Australia by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Australia for many years, primarily funded by the local churches and Christians with support funding from Genesis.

Alpha received a grant to develop the use of Alpha in the Catholic sector.


Christian Media

CMAA have received numerous grants to expand the vision of the sector and to increase effectiveness of Christian radio (over 5mill Australians listen to/watch Christian media each month).

Five stations in NSW have joined together in the “NSW Hub” to share resources and become more strategic in their broadcasts. Genesis has helped in the early stages and then to employ a Program Director in the centre.

Global Ministries

Genesis has assisted global ministries at their global centre office in association with GloLead. Some of the ministries Genesis has helped are:

  • Youth for Christ International
  • Christian Surfers International
  • Global Sports Chaplains
  • African Enterprise
  • Global Children’s Forum
  • Arrow Leadership
  • Mainly Music