Who should apply

As part of our vision to see God’s Kingdom grow by 2030, we have are particularly interested in receiving Ministry Grant submissions for Bible-based projects in Australia and New Zealand that include the promotion of the message about Jesus and the opportunity for people to respond to Him, and which have a plan to grow to sustainable ministries focused on:





Christian media

Community based ministry

Global ministry efforts

Please note: If you are unsure of your eligibility as outlined in these guidelines, please contact Genesis BEFORE completing the a Preliminary Enquiry Form.

If you are based outside Australia or New Zealand and you are unknown to Genesis Foundation, we will not respond to your Preliminary Enquiry.

Overview of application process

Applications are accepted once a year per organisation.
To assess your suitability for a grant, first complete the Preliminary Enquiry Form.

If your project is suitable, you will then be invited to proceed to the comprehensive Grant Submission stage.
The latest submission dates are available on our home page.


Important guidelines for your application

Completing the Preliminary Enquiry Form
  • Preliminary Enquiry Forms that do not include all the requested information will not be considered.
  • If you are unsure of your eligibility as outlined in these guidelines, and you wish to discuss the nature of your project, to help save time and effort on both sides, you may contact Genesis and request a phone call.
  • Notification of the outcome of the Preliminary Enquiries will be sent via email as soon as possible.
  • In some cases, we may contact you to request further information regarding your Preliminary Enquiry.
  • Genesis reserves the right to seek assistance from external experts in examining and assessing Preliminary Enquiries. Accordingly, applicant organisations should be mindful when preparing their applications that any material provided to Genesis may be passed on to one or more third parties during the assessment process.
Grant Submission
  • At Genesis’s discretion, you may be invited to provide a more detailed Grant Submission after we review your Preliminary Enquiry Form.
  • Invitations for submissions will be sent to applicant organisations via email.
  • Appropriate word counts will be provided for your Grant Submission, which will be completed online, and can be saved at any time before submitting.
  • The Grant Submission Form will list any attachments that may be required.
  • Subsequent to completion of your submission, you may be invited to meet with us to discuss your application, including initial evaluation.
  • After completion of your submission, we may contact you (possibly more than once) to seek clarification on the content of your submission.
  • Genesis reserves the right to seek assistance from external experts in examining and assessing submissions.
What happens after you submit?
  • Applicants invited to make submissions will be advised, in writing, of the decision on their submission usually within a fortnight of the relevant Directors’ Meeting.
  • If you are successful, you will be sent a letter outlining the conditions of the grant and the payment schedule.
  • You will be asked to give your bank details (for electronic bank transfer of grant payments) and to sign your agreement with the grant conditions and receipting requirements before the grant commences.
  • Successful organisations should note that Genesis prefers not to accept framed certificates, plaques or other tokens of appreciation.
  • A grant condition is that there be no public recognition of the grant without our prior approval. While Genesis values the spirit in which these acknowledgements are given, organisations are encouraged to express their appreciation in letter format.
For successful applicants
  • Grants are usually paid in the first week of April and October during the “Specified Period” of the grant. Payments will not be made if there are any outstanding receipts and/or reports.
  • Please promptly send your formal receipt of each grant payment to admin@genesisfoundation.org.au.
  • You are required to provide Genesis ongoing information to enable monitoring and evaluating the progress of your project.
  • An Annual Report will be required by Genesis within two months of 30 June or 31 December for each year of the project.
  • A Final Report will be required within two months of 30 June or 31 December following the completion date of the project (called the “Specified Period”).
  • The reports are linked to the original Grant Submission planned outcomes and the Grant Conditions.
  • All emails to include in “Subject” the grantee name and unique grant number.