Q. What is a fundraising strategic plan?

As a ministry relying on regular fundraising income, your unique ministry strategy for sustainable and scalable growth should be detailed in a strategic plan. This document should address the four key pillars of effective fundraising: acquisition, conversion, cultivation and retention. Your plan should complement your operational growth plan, and show consistency with the ministry outcomes.

At a minimum, an effective fundraising strategic plan should address:

  1. A biblical foundation for your fundraising
  2. Diversified streams of revenue
  3. Overarching brand strategy
  4. Acquisition:
    • An integrated communications schedule, outlining regular communication as well as campaigns and their integration across different channels
    • A plan to acquire new donors
  5. Conversion:
    • A strong conversion process i.e. Names converting to donors, and then to regular giving.
  6. Cultivation:
    • An established CRM system, or the plan to implement one
  7. Retention:
    • A donor care policy to keep attrition low


The following questions would help to address the recommendations above:

  • What is your core message and point of difference in the marketplace?
  • Who is your target acquisition demographic (e.g. high net worth, professional, retired etc.)?
  • How does your brand “connect” your purpose into the mind of the potential donor?
  • How is your brand positioned in the marketplace, and what is your point of difference to other ministries in the Kingdom, and in your sector?
  • Do you have a donor care policy or CRM in place? What is your donor management system?
  • What is your integrated communications strategy (e.g. regular newsletters, campaigns, events, lunches/dinners)? Do you apply unique communication to data segments?
  • Do you have (or do you intend to employ) staff dedicated to the implementation and execution of fundraising efforts? If so, what skills do/should they have (to match the outlined integrated fundraising)? Suggest including drafted job descriptions and KPIs.
  • Have you engaged consultants in developing the strategic plan, or for supporting the execution of the fundraising strategy?
  • What are your fundraising targets and budget?
  • Who in management will be responsible for the plan and its implementation?
  • How is prayer integrated into your ministry, as well as your fundraising?