Q. What projects are excluded?

  • Tax restrictions: Genesis Charitable Foundation can only distribute to organisations that have Deductible Gift Recipient (Item 1) (DGR) status. Genesis Life Foundation can only give to organisations that have Income Tax Exempt Charity and Tax Concessional Charity (TCC) status. For New Zealand applicants, the organisation must be registered on the Charities Register.
  • Geographic restrictions: The Genesis Foundations will only consider applications from organisations based in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Existing activities: we do not provide funds for the exisiting cost base of the organisation.
  • Amount of funding: We like to see a well thought out, discussed, prayed over and approved (by the governing body) growth plan for the organisation for at least three years. The larger the grant request, the more detail we would expect. The funding must be for a specific project that will grow the ministry to a new sustainable level, with measurable outcomes. We expect the grant to reduce over the years of the project as the self-sustainability is increasing.

Other exclusions:

  • Generic public fundraising appeals
  • Capital or endowment funds established to provide a corpus for institutions
  • Where Genesis would constitute the sole funder of an initiative
  • Construction and refurbishment of buildings
  • Part-time staff (our criteria is 3+ days pw)
  • Emergency requests and disaster appeals
  • Travel and accommodation costs alone
  • Organisations that have a capacity to obtain significant corporate or community support
  • Organisations with internal funding available
  • Feature film production costs