Our Impact

Case Studies

The Genesis Foundation has helped hundreds of churches and Christian organisations since 1999.

Church Plant and Development

In 2011 Genesis gave a grant to start the Salt church in Wollongong. This followed the church planter having an assessment by Geneva Push and recommendations from experienced people mentoring him in his sending church. The grant reduced over 3 years to dovetail into their growth plans.

As the church grew, they requested support for a second minister to focus on pastoring, and through continuing growth, further support to employ a mission pastor. All these positions are now funded by church members.

Mother church, Graceville Presbyterian Church, helped the establishment of a new independent church, Moorooka Presbyterian church. The MOU provides umbrella support with a plan to work towards becoming an independent church when it is financially sustainable

The Hunter Bible Church received assistance from Genesis to establish the Warner Bay congregation. The initial funding by Genesis was shared with the Church and initial core team: the grant reduces over 3 years as the membership finances were expected to grow.

In Shepparton, a pastor had been serving his church voluntarily for several years and the time came to serve full-time. Genesis assisted in the transition as the membership grew and fund raising increased to sustain that pastor.




ChristianSRE in NSW was supported by Genesis with a grant to ICCORIES to establish and promote a new SRE structure with the NSW Government and to grow the work of Scripture in public schools.

The National Providers of School Chaplains received a grant to commission research by WA University into the benefits to community of having Chaplains in Australian public schools.

YFCA received a matching grant to assist young evangelists in their internship and for seed funding as a new YFC missionary.

CRU (Crusaders) have established a local day camps ministry based on a pilot funded by Genesis.




Missions have been run throughout regional Australia by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for many years, primarily funded by the local churches and Christians with support funding from Genesis.

Alpha received a grant to develop the use of Alpha in the Catholic sector.



Christian Media

CMAA have received numerous grants to expand the vision of the sector and to increase effectiveness of Christian radio (5.3mill Australians listen to Christian radio)

Four stations in NSW have joined together in the “Hub” to share resources and become more strategic in their broadcasts. Genesis has helped in the early stages and the grant will progressively reduce as the Hub income increases.



Sports Ministry

SCA received a grant to develop and promote “ClubCare”, a critical incident service which will become self-sustainable as the annual fees from the clubs increase.

Kids Games, initially developed by Logosdor around the time of the Sydney Olympics, is now operating in most countries, received speculative development funding from Genesis.



Global Ministries

Mainly Music had expanded out of New Zealand and had a foot hold in several countries but experiencing a slowing in growth. Genesis assisted by providing a consultant to assist the restructure of their governance and management structures to allow continued growth.

Christian Surfers International received assistance with their leadership development plan and transition of their global leader.