Developing Funds for Ongoing Christian Work

The Genesis Foundation provides seed capital and strategic support to Christian churches and ministries.

We seek to help Christian organisations with strategic planning and seed capital in order to multiply their work and implement projects that become self funding, so that they have the greatest impact for Christ’s Kingdom.

The Genesis Foundation considers grant applications in a two-stage process: a short “Preliminary Enquiry”, and if invited, a comprehensive “Grant Submission”.

Submission Overview

  1. Complete the online two page Preliminary Enquiry Form and submit during the Preliminary Enquiry window (see current submission dates below).
  2. If successful, you will then be invited to proceed to the comprehensive Grant Submission stage.
  3. the submission dates vary depending on the nature and size of the grant request.

Current Submission Dates

Submissions for ministry grants are considered once a year for your organisation.

  • Preliminary Enquiries where the total request is less than $60,000 over 3 years, may be submitted in a week TBA during the months of  March 2020 and September 2020 with decisions made following the end of each month (this does not apply if the organisation is currently receiving a grant).
  • However, if your total request exceeds $60,000 over 3 years and/or you are currently receiving a grant, submissions are considered during the December quarter only:
    • The Preliminary Enquiry window for this round opens on Monday 14 October 2019 and closes noon, Wednesday 23 October 2019.
    • Those invited to complete a Grant Submission will need to lodge the Grant Submission by noon on Friday 1 November 2019.
  • applications for church plants and or church growth projects are considered by the Gospel Future Fund.

Church Grants

We believe our Lord disciples and grows His people through local churches, thus we are committed to supporting existing growing churches and establishing church plants, so that such local churches are strong. We have partnered with the Gospel Future Fund which will administer enquires, applications and submissions for grants for church plants and or church growth. Applications will only be considered for churches  in Australia and New Zealand. Find out if your church is eligible for a Church Grant.    

Apply for a Church Grant with Gospel Future Fund

Ministry Grants

As part of our vision to see God’s Kingdom grow, we are interested in receiving grant submissions from Christian ministries for projects that include the promotion of the message about Jesus and the opportunity for people to respond to Him, and which have a plan to grow to sustainable ministries. Find out if your organisation is eligible for a Ministry Grant.

Apply for a Ministry Grant with Genesis